- Increased the drop rate of Protection Scrolls by 50%.
- Increased the overall drop rate to match the latest experience increase.
- Adjusted the experience table for players level 90 and above (it's faster to level-up now).
- Made preparations for the summer event update.
- You can now enter Colosseum as Master as well.

- Added a new public boss room to Dekane Mines, with a giant respawning every 30 minutes.

[Abyssal Cove Update]
- Enabled a new dungeon for players levels 90M-105M.
 - The dungeon has a cooldown of 90 minutes.
- The dungeon boss, [Abyssal Terror] King Chiton, has a chance of dropping Majestic Coral weapons (models), zemastu set and jewelry set parts.
- Regular monsters inside the dungeon have a chance of dropping flasks that last 5 hours.

Posted on May 19, 2024 by nochance