[Coral Island Content Update]
- Enabled access to Coral Island - map contains monsters level 43 to 69 and Boss 120.
 - Increased spawns and penya drop rates.
 - Decreased hp of monsters.
 - All regular monster at Coral Island have low chance of dropping Coral Card (1H).
- Added new boss 'Giant Green Mantis' (120) to Coral Island, near the spawn point.
  - Has a chance of dropping 6 Different Auras (7D), 5 Different Mantis Boosts, 8 Different Balloons (1D), Green Mantis Mount, Pick-up Pet Upgrade and Bead Slot Key.

[Mocomochies Arena Update] 
- Added Mocomochies to Arena.
- Adjusted Mocomochi Seed reward list:
 - Arrows
 - Watermelon Drink
 - Sunstone
 - Moonstone
 - Flask of the Tiger
 - Flask of the Rabbit
 - Flask of the Fox
 - Flask of the Lion
 - Flask of Stone
 - Mocomochi
 - Pink Mocomochi
 - Rainbow Mocomochi
 - [Very Rare] Red Mocomochi Ring
 - [Very Rare] Green Mocomochi Ring
 - [Very Rare] Watermelon Badge
 - [Very Rare] Majoras Mask

- Increased the bonus effects of Couple and Guild Buffs.
- You can now enter the Red Meteonyker, Clockworks, Ivillis Boss Room, and Dekane Boss Room dungeons as a Master as well.
- Fixed the entrance to the Dekane Mines Boss Room.
- Added a new icon for the 'Extreme St. Patrick's Day Cloak'.
- Made small changes to Global Buffs.
- The rare drop "Red Fox Tail" from Savage Wild now has increased bonuses.
- Added a new HP bar for monsters.
- 'Member of the Violet Magician Troupe' now drops a higher amount of penya.

- [PENYA] Added 29 Monster and NPC Transes to Is.
- [PENYA] Added 11 more flag cloaks to Beehive.
- [PENYA] Added Scroll of Element Change to Is.
- [COINS] Reduced price of 'Hats+' to 100 Coins.
- [COINS] Added Scroll of Amplification ES (S) to Casa.
- [WEBSHOP] Re-enabled some fashion sets.
- [VOTE] Added Coral Island Tickets (3D) and (7D) to Baud.
- [VOTE/COINS] Decreased the prices of Offline Vendors.

- Increased drop rate of beads from Ivillis Leanes.
- Increased drop rate of beads from Alpha Clockworks.

- Psykeeper skill, Crucio Spell now reflects damage 200% instead of 25% as an experiment.
- Mercenary skill, Keenwheel now deals aoe damage.

Posted on April 30, 2024 by nochance