From now until Sunday evening, you will receive 300 extra attack points. 
If you stay online for 8 hours straight, you will also receive a 'Premium Scroll (1D)', a 'Pukepuke Offline Vendor (24H)', and 2 'Pet Tamer Boxes' in your inventory or mailbox.

The Gray Earl Hunt
This monsters spawn throughout Flaris.
- The Gray Earl is an experience monster, providing no drops but offering the same experience as the Cannibal Mammoth.

- Added new npc [Coins] Pahe for stricly models only.
- Added nearly 60 cloak model to [Coins] Pahe.
- Added nearly 200 weapon models to [Coins] Pahe.
- Added around 14 shield models to [Coins] Pahe.
- Added nearly 40 new flying objects to [Coins] Casa.

- Fixed entrance issue with Abyssal Cove.
- Adjusted flask drop rates at Abyssal Cove.

- Added class-buffs to Buff Pang.

Posted on May 22, 2024 by nochance